Monday, March 9, 2009

A Study for Ferret Owners!

We're excited to be holding a study for ferret owners.

It will happen in three stages:
- Product pick-up on monthname 10.
- An optional home visit on either monthname 15 or 16.
- A focus group meeting on monthname 17.

The study is open to male or female ferret owners aged 25-60 who are their pet's primary caretakers and food purchasers, and who, if they wish to participate in the home visit segment, live within a 30-minute drive of our home office. (to see how close you live, visit this link).

The screening for this study includes visting the Internet to answer some ferret food-related questions. Thus, it would be very helpful if, before you call in, you make sure that you have ready access to a computer connected to the Internet.

Call 555-502-2715 to see if you might qualify.

Even if you don't qualify for this study, we will retain (for our use only, of course) the information we obtained during the screening. This will enable us to better predict whether you might qualify for a future study when our clients are looking for something slightly different.

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